Winter 2020 - Total Awarded $15,151.30

Computer Science Camp Robotics: Project Director - Joseph Shalala, District Wide

Courtyard Beautification Project: Project Director - Peri Jurey, Wadsworth Middle School
Creating a Sensory Room: Project Director - Katie Wilson, Wadsworth Middle School

Creating a Social-Emotional Well being Studio: Project Director - Julie Gunn, Isham Elementary School
Enhancing Literacy in the ELA Classroom: Project Director - Lisa Smith, Wadsworth High School
Grizzly Group Mentoring and Leadership Academy: Project Director - Sara Good, Wadsworth High School

School Library Furnishings Update: Project Director - Tricia Claypool, Lincoln Elementary School

STEAM-ing up the Library: Project Director - Lisa Owens, Valley View Elementary School

Spring 2019 - Total Awarded $8,071.13

▪ Flexible Alternative Seating: Project Director - Mary Linn, Franklin Elementary School

Graphing Calculators: Project Director - Sandy Kurt, Wadsworth High School

▪ Mindful Music Moments: Project Director - Julie Cloonan Gunn, Valley View Elementary School

Wadsworth City Schools Summer Reading Camp: Project Director - Stephanie Schmeltzer, All 5 Elementary Schools
Workbench & Took Kit: Project Director - Barb Crookes, Franklin Elementary School